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The One People Band

A community for unity

A musical endeavor promoting peace, music, and love between all of the earth's creatures. 


Our Message

In our contemporary society, awash in opposing political parties, widespread cultural clash, and an ever-growing stockpile of environmental threats, humans find unity in music. Peace, which often seems unattainable, becomes the epicenter of our group, our songs, our project, and our own unique, individual purposes.

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The Living Room

May 5th, 2023   8 pm

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104 Cricket Ave  Ardmore, PA 

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Our Music

The One People Band is comprised of talented, established, and successful individuals, with instrumentalists and singers having worked with famous musicians like Paul Simon, Adele, and the band, Sting. For all of us to have come from such diverse, creative backgrounds, and somehow unite in a need to spread the message for peace, the welfare of our fellow humans, and our one and only Earth shows just how powerful the culmination of love and music are.  

Our Causes

Our group will donate a portion of our proceeds to charitable organizations that are bettering the world. Organizations include:

Guitars for Peace, donates guitars to Palastinian girls so they can experience the healing joy of music in their lives, and Climate Reality Project.

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