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Our Members

Daphne Goldberg: producer, songwriter, vocals

Eric Bazilian: producer, engineer, songwriter, vocals, guitar, melodica, keyboard, recorder, bass, accordion

Jonathan Dichter: songwriter, vocals, guitar

Bakithi Kumalo: songwriter, bass, guitar, vocals

Jamey Haddad: drums, percussion

Jo Lawry: Vocals, percussion

Eric Wortham: piano, keyboard

Biodun Kuti: guitar, bass, percussion, vocals

Simon Bazilian: assistant engineer, vocals

    and featuring Lady Smith Black Mambazo





Medical Director of Mainline Integrative and Functional Medicine, practicing doctor, and social advocate, Daphne believes that the human body is a microcosm of its surroundings. For Daphne, the health of an individual mirrors the health of the environment and the health of the environment mirrors the health of all living creatures within it; and they all impact one another tremendously. The harmony in the world is a reflection of harmony within. For Daphne, being an integrative doctor advocating for social justice, environmental health and peace seems obvious and necessary. Daphne's vision for peace began in Israel. Her father was a Professor of Jewish and Islamic philosophy, and she grew up in a multi-cultural community in which differences were respected and served to enrich and enlighten. A series of serendipitous events led her to meet the musicians in this project and suddenly she was immersed in writing and producing music. And The One People Band was born. 

Eric Bazilian:

Bazilian plays an instrumental role, figuratively and literally, in advocating and promoting the message of The One People Band.  He founded the multi-platinum band, The Hooters, with Rob Hyman and they will celebrate 40 years as a band in 2020. He and Hyman were also the musical force behind Cyndi Lauper’s ‘She’s So Unusual’, as well as Joan Osborne’s ‘Relish’, for which Bazilian wrote the Grammy-nominated ‘One Of Us’. As a co-producer of The One People Band, he wears several hats in the cohesion of their project, serving in diverse positions like engineer, songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, recorder, and accordionist.


Jonathon Dichter: 

Dichter’s musical contribution to The One People Band pulls inspiration from a variety of sources. He’s performed worldwide covering genres like Gypsy jazz, traditional jazz, bluegrass, South African, West African, and rock. He works across various settings, whether on solo guitar, small group ensembles, or just teaching workshops in schools. He shares his musical passions with a broad audience, contributing to the crew as songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist.

Bakithi Kumalo:

Kumalo brings to The One People Band a musical sound rooted in African beats and rhythms. Bakithi has been touring with Paul Simon as his bassist ever since the Graceland album, which is forever imprinted with Bakithi's unique sound.  Kumalo has been contributing his musical talent and diverse interests and connections to social issues to play an important role in The One People Band. Kumalo contributes musically as a songwriter, bassist, guitarist, and vocalist.

bakithi kumalo cover photo.jpeg

Eric Wortham:

Eric Wortham walked into the studio one fateful afternoon and the band stood in awe of his breathakingly beautiful piano playing. And Eric, in turn, was moved by the music and mission of The One People Band. In addition to his genius talent on the keys, Eric's arrangements and passion breathe a special spark into the music. Eric has toured with world-renowned artists such as Jill Scott, Adele and Seal.  Eric is a classically pianist, composer, songwriter, and producer, and he plays the part of pianist and keyboardist for The One People Band.

Jamey Haddad:

 Voted one of the top four world percussionists in 2007 by the most largely read percussion periodicals, “Modern Drummer,” Hadadd’s talents transcend musical boundaries. Contributing genius arrangements and rhythmic finesse to The One People Band, he uses his unique world music and contemporary jazz style to relay the message of peace in this musical collective. 


Biodun Kuti:

Biodun Kuti grabbed the guitar at the early age of 15 and started playing in churches with his father's and other local bands in Lagos Nigeria. Descended from an ancestral lineage of Yoruba musicians. He was brought up in both traditional and modern Yoruba music, finding a fluid style of guitar playing inflected with jazz and funk elements. Biodun came to the U.S. to tour with Paul Simon and at the conclusion of the last tour moved to Philadelphia to work on his music and the final and multi-talented musician joined The One People Band.

Jo Lawry:

Jo is another dynamic contributor to the multiplicity of cultural influence in the scope of the band. Australian born and New York-based, she’s been launched as both a solo artist, an addition to Sting, and has worked with musical icons like Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel. Lawry is a profoundly talented musician who has conributed her brilliant arrangemnts and soulful compelling voice to The One People Band.


Simon Bazilian:

Simon was born in 1996 to a Swedish mother and American father. He grew up bi-lingual and bi-national. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in English in three years he moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where he has just finished writing 100 songs in 100 days. He is currently working on his first album. Simon sings, plays guitar, bass and piano. He was studying for mid-terms in his dad's studio one day, and while Eric Bazilian was getting the vocal booth ready for  the recording of Mass Extinction Blues, on a hunch, Daphne turned to Simon and asked: "do you think you can sing this song?" And with the same purity and honesty as his voice, Simon replied: "sure," and the voice of the next generation joined The One People Band.

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